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About Skyline Environmental Corp

About Us | Skyline Environmental Corp - NYC, NY

Who We Are

We serve New York City’s five boroughs and Long Island, and specialize in asbestos testing, removal, and detection for houses, apartments, businesses, and office buildings. With over 15 year of experience, we are leading experts in the asbestos field.

As asbestos abatement professionals, you will find it a pleasure to work with us from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on punctuality, on-time completion, and high work quality. To accommodate your schedule, we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You will find us to be the most professional and knowledgeable local experts in our field.

Our Services

The process of handling your asbestos issue will begin with testing your property for the presence of asbestos. We will consult with you regarding what we have detected and the process needed to remove the hazardous material from your environment. All work will be completed in a timely and professional manner, with care taken to confine the area and protect your home or business from particles resulting from the work.

Our services include:

Asbestos Consulting
• Asbestos Inspections
• Asbestos Testing
• Asbestos Detection
• Asbestos Removal
• Asbestos Encapsulation
• Pipe Inspections
• Ceiling Plaster Testing

At Skyline Environmental Corp., our asbestos technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and follow all safety regulations of the DEP and New York State. We focus exclusively on asbestos abatement and bring the most knowledge, professionalism, experience, and customer service to our work. We are your best resource for testing and removal of asbestos. To learn more about our services, please see our sections on “Asbestos Testing,” “Asbestos Removal,” and “Asbestos Detection.” Or call us now to discuss your needs and schedule your service appointment!

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